Friday, March 16, 2018

EFS @ Process, Riga

Process is an experimental film festival in the Baltics dedicated to analog cinema, celebrating the physical film medium in all its personal, adventurous and uncompromising forms. The selected films break with the conventional rules of filmmaking and aesthetic norms, using the physical film as their main medium. Taking place from 22nd to 25th of March in Riga, Process addresses both local and international artists and audiences.

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is widely present in this edition of the festival:

EFS Short Film Programme:

La Picota (2018) by Ana González / Colombia / 3mins

Contact (2011) by Vicky Langan / Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland / 3mins

Feed Me (2016) by Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland / 3mins

Universal Film (2018) by Jann Clavadetscher / Ireland / 3mins

Ice (2018) by Michael Higgins / Ireland / 5mins

Homo Sapiens Project (161-170) (2013) by Rouzbeh Rashidi / Ireland / 8mins

Image Turned Down (2011-2014) by Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland-Greece / 20mins

Refining the Senses Performance – Atoosa Pour Hosseini

Refining the Senses is an uncanny sensory experience that places the viewer in a mysterious and contemplative liminal zone between different dimensions of life, death and memory that fluctuates between the personal and the general, the pictorial and the material. Combining found and original footage, she scratches, dyes and paints the film surface to highlight both the fragility and persistence of the image.

FEAR Short Film Programme curated by Rouzbeh Rashidi & Maximilian Le Cain

Cinema is fundamentally linked to the ghostly and uncanny. In summoning up insubstantial images that replay moments already passed, it can be compared to séance activity. In showing us sights and sounds of people often long gone but animated by the illusion of movement, it answers to Jean Cocteau’s description of it as ‘death at work’. Experimental film and horror cinema are therefore joined in being the two modes of cinematic practice that best explore the essence and deepest implications of what cinema is. At their most visionary, they overlap extensively. This is a view held by filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi and repeatedly explored in his atmospheric films. ‘Fear’ is a programme Rashidi has curated of experimental films that haunt the shadows between experimental film and the horror genre.

Vicky Langan DJ Set

EFS filmmaker Vicky Langan is an Irish artist whose practice operates across several often overlapping fields, chiefly performance, sound, and film. Vicky will DJ mysterious fragments and textural soundings.

Full info HERE

Kindly supported by Culture Ireland

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Buharov Brothers on Re:Voir DVD

Delighted to have contributed the booklet text for Re:Voir's new release of these masterpieces from the Buharov Brothers...

"The anarchic, fractured and extremely surreal lms by Ivan and Igor Buharov (Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi) might seem a perfect t for this “outsider” paradigm. Darkly playful hallucinations that share the aura of having been discovered forgotten in someone’s granny’s attic like a book of now troubling childhood drawings, they reveal in precise terms a world perhaps subconsciously suspected but hitherto indescribable. They have in common an improvised quality and a sense of the homemade. This not only stems from their beautifully rough-hewn visual textures but often from the people, objects and spaces that appear before the camera. The casts are composed of extraordinary ordinary people rather than film star types: lived-in faces bringing their own stories to the films. The props, which sometimes conspicuously reappear in different films, can likewise seem to have a real-world existence of their own carried over into the picture. This helps lend the films the weird intimacy of children’s games, in which familiar people and places are made alien and the weirdly alien becomes immanent to the everyday. The feverish and disorienting experience of watching a Buharov film was probably best described in the 2008 Offscreen Film Festival catalogue as “getting lost in someone else’s dream." 
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

INSIDE @ Triskel Christchurch Cinema, March 29th

Inside, the first feature-length Langan/Le Cain film, will receive its first Irish big screen showing at Cork's Triskel Christchurch Cinema on Thursday, March 29th.

Full details here

Friday, February 23, 2018

Phantom Islands @ ADIFF

Rouzbeh Rashidi's magnificent new film Phantom Islands will premiere at Audi Dublin International Film Festival next Tuesday, February 27th. I'm proud to be associated with it as one of its producers.

"Phantom Islands is an experimental film that exists at the boundaries of documentary and fiction. Directed by Rouzbeh Rashidi, with the visual intensity that has marked him as one of Ireland’s most unique and radical filmmakers, it follows a couple adrift and disoriented in the stunning landscape of Ireland’s islands. Yet this deliberately melodramatic romance is constantly questioned by a provocative cinematic approach that ultimately results in a hypnotic and visceral inquiry into the very possibility of documentary objectivity."

To find out more about the film, visit the official webpage. To buy tickets, see this page. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

EFS @ Esto Es Para Esto, Mexico

A programme of Experimental Film Society will be screening at Esto Es Para Esto on 1st of March, 2018 in Monterrey City, Mexico.

Details of the programme:

1_La Picota (2018) by Ana González / 3 minutes / Colombia

2_Universal Film (2018) by Jann Clavadetscher / 3 minutes / Ireland

3_Homo Sapiens Project (161-170) (2013) by Rouzbeh Rashidi / 8 minutes / Ireland
4_The Family Vault of James Hyland (2017) by Michael Higgins / 14 minutes / Ireland

5_Play Ground (2017) By Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain / 16 minutes / Ireland

6_Refining the Senses (2017) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / 13 minutes / Switzerland-Ireland

Total running time: 58 Minutes

Sunday, February 04, 2018


It would be a thrill to be included in any issue of the brilliant and inspiring Film Panic. But the latest edition of this Underground Film Studio publication, which contains my opinionated ramble A Few Thoughts on the Moving Image, is something even more special in that it gathers the research of previous issues to intriguingly propose the existence of a 'new visionary cinema' in today's underground filmmaking. The article in which editors Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais state this case is a must-read.

Full details here.   

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Experimental Film Society & purge present Spectators: A Tribute to Frans Zwartjes

Birds, Spare Bedroom, Spectator & Living by Frans Zwartjes
+  tribute films by Stanley Schtinter, Langan/Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi

6.30 pm, Thursday February 22nd
The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel St., Cork

Frans Zwartjes, Holland’s preeminent experimental filmmaker, passed away at the end of 2017. As a tribute to this great and always radical artist, Experimental Film Society (EFS), in association with purge, presents a screening of four of Zwartjes’ finest films along with three others made in tribute to him.

Zwartjes’ highly stylised, poetically claustrophobic films achieve a unique level of sensual intimacy in their renditions of sexual and domestic tension, and voyeurism. These wordless works draw on performance art but are equally distinguished by their oneiric visuals, disconcerting editing rhythms and hypnotically minimal sound design. Once Zwartjes has caressed the surface of your eyeballs, you will never see cinema in the same way again.

This programme also features Zwartjes, a recent documentary portrait of Frans Zwartjes by Stanley Schtinter, as well two films made in homage to Zwartjes by filmmakers connected with EFS: Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Homo Sapiens Project (113) and the Irish premiere of Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain’s Play Ground.

Schtinter is a Zwartjes collaborator. He was behind major Zwartjes tribute events at such venues as EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam and London’s Whitechapel Gallery. He produced the first ever release of Zwartjes’ music through his label, purge. EFS is an Irish company dedicated to nurturing personal, experimental cinema. Rashidi and Langan / Le Cain acknowledge Zwartjes as a major influence on their work.

Birds (5 mins, 1968)
Spare Bedroom (15 mins, 1969)
Spectator (10 mins, 1970)
Living (15 mins, 1971)

Zwartjes (Stanley Schtinter, 9 mins, 2017)
Homo Sapiens Project (113) (Rouzbeh Rashidi, 16 mins, 2012)
Play Ground (Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, 16 mins, 2017)

Play Ground was made with the support of Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris.

Stills courtesy of Collection EYE Filmmuseum.